Friday, June 10, 2011

Where can I get bilingual books? Onde posso achar livros bilingues?

It has been a while, so I'd like to update you on a few of our achievements as well as address where to find great bilingual books locally.

To date we have had three well attended bilingual Portuguese/English storytimes held at the East Providence Public Library which have included songs, books read by parents, and shadow puppet theater! Thanks to all who attended or participated. Thanks especially to Isabel and Bia!

Thanks also to Pam, the children's librarian who has supported our efforts with the purchase of 20 new bilingual storybooks to the Portuguese children's collection. For those who live nearby, please stop by the East Providence Library (Weaver Branch) and borrow some of these wonderful books to share with your children. Anyone with a Rhode Island library card can take these books out for 3 weeks free of charge!

Many of you may be wondering where you can purchase engaging, colorful reasonably priced bilingual books. One great option is to purchase online at  They have an excellent collection of bilingual children's books in more than 30 languages including Portuguese/English.

Ja faz um tempo sem escrever, então eu gostaria de atualizá-lo sobre algumas das nossas realizações, e falar de onde encontrar livros bilíngües localmente.

Até o momento, tivemos três hora de contos bilingues bem atendidos storytimes bilíngües Português / Inglês realizado na Biblioteca Pública Providence que têm incluído músicas, livros lidos pelos pais, e teatro de fantoches da sombra! Obrigado a todos que assistiram ou participaram. Agradecimentos especialmente para Isabel e Bia!

Obrigado também a Pam, bibliotecária das crianças que tem apoiado os nossos esforços com a compra de 20 novos livros de histórias bilíngües para as crianças para a coleção de livros em Português. Para aqueles que vivem perto da Biblioteca Weaver de East Providence, por favor, pare e pedir alguns desses livros maravilhosos para compartilhar com seus filhos. Qualquer pessoa com um cartão de biblioteca de Rhode Island pode tirar esses livros para três semanas de forma gratuita!

Muitos de vocês devem estar se perguntando onde se pode comprar livros ilustrados excelentes na lingua Portuguesa com preços razoáveis livros . Uma ótima opção é comprar-os on-line em Eles têm uma excelente colecção de livros infantis bilíngües em mais de 30 línguas, incluindo Português / Inglês.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting together a lot of useful links. Unless you are teaching children to read portuguese, you really don't need portuguese books-all you need is to know the language and pick up any book from your local library and either translate it or make up an entirely new story following the illustrations. I have been doing exactly that in two different languages-Bulgarian and Portuguese. I am bulgarian and I do own enough literature in my language, so that's easy. Brazilian portuguese is my husband's language, but he does not spend much time at home, so the task of reinforcing the portuguese falls on me. I use books from the library, I translate them, and then read them over and over. I learn that wat too tons of words. I also have downloaded from youtube, tons of disney movies and songs (galinha pintadina videos, xuxa videos -xspb 10, etc.). There is a lot out there, but it does require time to search, to download and to organize. I think you have done a fine job by putting so many sources together! Thank you!

ukuleleDaddy said...

Thanks for your comments and praise! That's great that you translate English books or create your own stories in Bulgarian and Portuguese. Another great practice is creating your own picture books about your own lives. Muito Obrigado! Do you have a community of Brazilians or Bulgarians near you? Are you living in the USA or somewhere else?

Alexandre Leoni said...

Hey! Thanks for your compliments about Brisa Pés de Vento! This just make my day worth it! Will be delivering soon 8th issue.
Thanks again!